ENG 0812 Temple Ethnic Food in US in Light of Adaptation of American Fast Food Essay

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Enclosed are my research proposal and three online sources which need to be used in the essay. Please find one more article you want to use in the essay, thank you!


Diasporas attempt to recreate their homeland cultures in their host countries, but what they recreate is not necessarily authentic. The lack of authenticity can be detected in some of the foods served in ethnic restaurants. In their article “The Presentation of Ethnic Authenticity: Chinese Food as a Social Accomplishment,” Shun Lu and Gary Alan Fine argue that food in ethnic restaurants in the U.S., particularly Chinese food, has to become more or less “inauthentic” because of “social, cultural, and economic constraints of the market” (540). In other words, they claim that ethnic foods need to be adapted to be marketable in a host country.Specifically, they discuss different eating habits and beliefs, as well as different tastes and cost efficiency, as reasons for transforming authentic ethnic dishes so that they are acceptable to American consumers. This modification takes various forms ranging from menu items and ingredients to spices, condiments, and cooking processes to serving styles and speed (Lu and Fine 540-43).Write an essay in which you develop an argument about the lack of authenticity of ethnic foods in the U.S in light of the inauthenticity/adaptation of American fast food in its overseas branches (e.g., McDonald’s, KFC). To complete your essay successfully, consider some of the following questions: (1) Why do ethnic restaurants present food that is not considered authentic by actual natives of the culture? (2) Who are the major customers whom the restaurants serve? (3) What forms of alteration do they take (i.e., what do they change)? (4) Is it possible that ethnic foods can lose their ethnicities in their process of adaptation? (5) How can these be related to the adaptation of American fast food abroad?

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ENG 0812 Temple Ethnic Food in US in Light of Adaptation of American Fast Food Essay

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