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The Location Plan of the Standards and Metrology Organization Facility:

The task of your team here to locate the Standards and Metrology Organization in the nation which consists of several districts. In this location problem, your team wants to locate this facility for the best way to serve a set of communities whose location and demands are known.

The information of the location of existing facilities zones and the fixed positive distances is given in the excel worksheet titled Coordinates in Data-xx. xlsx workbook. Note that the coordinates are labels by their types.

FD company assigned to your team the following tasks:

1. Propose three possible locations for the organization facility. The three locations are obtained using different approaches, models, or criteria. Your team needs to provide a full justification for the proposed locations. These locations should be depicted on the map.

2. Select the best location out of the proposed ones. Your team also needs to provide the reasoning for this selection.

II. The Organization’s Departments:

The Standards and Metrology Organization facility consists of two buildings where each building has four floors ((i.e., = 1,2,3,4). Moreover, there are 40 departments need to be assigned into these two buildings four floors. The process details inside most of the departments are ignored at this level. The list of the departments and its areas are provided in table 1.

As it can be observed from the table, areas of the parking need to be estimated by your team.

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