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. Select a manufacturing and service industry of your choice. This could be an existing business with which you already have an association, e.g. via your work, co-op placement, internship etc., or a business you would like to start up. The company I will write about is ((SIEMENS)). Identify all the essential elements to run this business on a day to day basis. At a minimum, you need to cover the following aspects of the proposed business:

  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Location planning and analysis (critical issue for service industries)
  3. Identify supply chain
  4. Forecast sales
  5. In regards to the products being made: Choose equipment, skill set of the workers needed, process, control equipment
  6. Determine layout of the equipment – design of production and assembly lines

All I need is two things:

1. Project proposal (1 page) 2. Project progress report (short power point)

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