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Discussion Topic: Clarity and Style. Having skimmed through Part 3 of LB and made note of sections (big or small) that might help you make your writing clearer, more readable, more credible (because more precise and concise), and persuasive, go back and look again at the part(s) you thought might help you to improve on particular aspects of your own writing. Read through it carefully. Then, based on its advice, revise a sentence: either a sentence from an exercise in that section or a sentence from your own writing that you could see could really benefit from the explanation in LB of how to revise. Post that sentence (before and after) and your explanation of what you did to revise it; make sure to mention what advice in LB you based your revision on. Also describe how you might make use of this revision strategy in the future.

 15 points: 5 points for posting your original and revised sentence; 5 points for explaining what you did to revise it, what piece of LB advice you based it on, and how you might use this revision strategy in the future; and 5 points for responding to a classmate’s revision and explanation of such in a useful, engaged way.

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