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I need help to edit and revised my paper. I have already wrote the paper but there were many issues with it.

This is for literary superheroes class. The paper was about Iron man movie

The goal is to write a focused, thesis-driven essay that features your close readings of, and citations and quotations from, the film(s). Draw from your notes and class discussions. This is not a research paper; it is your formal analysis of the primary source(s). Do not consult other sources.

The professor said the main issue in this paper is that a lot came from secondary sources and it wasn’t my own analysis

To fix this I have to go back to include all the citations and quotations that I have borrowed and browsed from secondary sources. ( I am working on this now)

I need help to come up with more scenes from the movie ( Iron man1) and comic book ( I have attached it) that support my thesis. It is all most be 100% personal analysis don’t counsel any secondary sources at all ( net browser, youtube, etc)

Also i need help to strength this paper because it counts as a final paper ( long paper ( revision of a short paper)

Thank you

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