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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Hi there,PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND THOROGHLY, Thank you The Infographic Assignment is a visual representation of a theory you have chosen from the class and an application of that theory to a real-world example. Your infographic should:-Demonstrate your understanding of the theory you’ve chosen-Be clearly illustrated through your example-Be visually engaging with appropriate image and style choices-Use text sparingly and effectivelyThe theory that I have chosen from the class is.. – Structuralism, Post-structuralism or SemioticsYou can only use the reading and class presentation for this theory. You can not use any outside resources and everything has to be original.I will attach the reading and the presentation in order to be able to complete the assignment.This assignment asks you to visually demonstrate your understanding of one of the above theories and illustrate it clearly through a concrete, specific example.To make your infographic, you can use Canva :-Make a free account-Search “infographics”–you can make your own or look through the many templates they have for inspiration.-To save your infographic as a pdf in Canva, click Share in the top right corner→Download, and then click the drop down menu to choose “PDF Standard” to avoid paying. Then upload to Brightspace.–You can also draw your infographic by hand and scan it or use any other software you’d like.-All infographics must be uploaded to Brightspace as a pdfYour infographic should be a visual representation of your theory and concrete example that uses text effectively. Less is more when it comes to infographics. It’s about quality over quantity. Here are some examples from Canva about the less-is-more theoryYou may use external sources to help present your real-world example. Maybe you want to cite a statistic or claim about your example. For instance, “Disney made the most money of any media company last year (source), or “75% of Twitter users don’t use hashtags (source). All sources used need to be cited, both next to your claims in-text and in a References section, either in superscript at the bottom of your infographic or on a separate document submitted on Brightspace. Make sure you are citing reputable sources. Please email me if you are unsure if a source you want to use is reputableEVERYTHING MUST BE CITED IN APA STYLE PLEASE.Rubric: (20%)Demonstrates Comprehension of theory: 8 ptsExample is specific and presented clearly: 6 ptsExample clearly illustrates theory: 4 ptsStyle is effective and text is cited: 2 pts********I Will post an example of an Infographic assignment that was done for another theory ( The Public Sphere Theory ) just so you can have an idea of how it should look like.**********Please let me know if you have any questions and keep in mind that this is a visual representation of the theory.Thank youATTACHMENTSattachment_1attachment_2attachment_3

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