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As the owner of Chi-Town Business Plaza at 1234 State Street, Chicago, IL 60666, you must
respond to the request of Michael Vazquez, one of the tenants in your three-story office building.
Mr. Vazquez in Suite 322, a CPA and longtime tenant of 15 years, demands that you
immediately evict a neighboring tenant who plays loud music throughout the day, interfering
with Mr. Vazquez’s conversations with clients and with his concentration. The noisy tenant,
Thomas Smith in Suite 222, moved into the suite last month and reportedly operates an
entertainment booking agency and spends long hours in his office.

You know you can’t evict Mr. Smith because, as a legal commercial tenant, he is entitled to
conduct his business. However, you might consider adding soundproofing, an expense that you
would prefer to share with Mr. Smith and Mr. Vazquez. Or, you might also discuss with Mr.
Smith limiting the time of day (11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.) that he could play the loud music. Or,
some other option that you will determine. Before responding to Mr. Vazquez, you decide to
find out more about commercial tenancy. You use the Web to search the keywords commercial
eviction for specifics. Then develop a course of action. Your task is to inform Mr. Vazquez of
your decision.


1. This is an individual assignment. Using the above and following information, produce a
properly formatted and written business message. Add information as necessary.

2. Determine the medium and the tone of this message.

3. MS Word document … Single Spaced … 12pt. Font … Your name and Class Time in TOP
Right Corner.4

4. Some thoughts …
 The document is directed to whom? Anyone a nice to know?
 How is the formatting of dates and times? Consistent?
 How will graphic highlighting improve the visual and readability of your message?
 Need to Know vs. Nice to Know

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