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Essay 6-7 pages | Article writing homework help



Pandemic – how did (pre-Covid) levels of global travel increase the risk for global pandemic? How has the present pandemic affected global travel? How can we prepare for future possible pandemics?Please Note:You must use at least six sources for this essay, all of which must be trustworthy, reliable sources. Web sources may include .org and .edu sites—please check with me about .com sites, as their reliability is not always a given. Your Works Cited list should all six of your sources—and you should cite each of your sources at least once. Because you will be using sources, you must include in-text citations and a Works Cited list, both in proper MLA format. If you are confused about MLA documentation, please let me know and we will review it again. We will learn about MLA documentation in class and I will provide MLA resources to you. I will automatically deduct 5 points from any essay that does not include both in-text citations and a Works Cited list.

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