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essay about book quot becoming quot by michelle obama



Michelle Obama discusses her family throughout the text, including her family as a child, and the family she builds with Barack Obama. How did/does family impact her and support her successes in her life. In addition, as first lady, how did she try to maintain a strong family structure in an extreme situation? Be sure to use textual evidence to illustrate and support your answer. Criteria for Success:Underline your thesis statement.Have an introductory paragraph that has a hook, gives background information about the topic, but not a summary of the book, and has a thesis statement.Have a concluding paragraph that answers the “So What?” question.Each body paragraph should contain a claim that supports your argument and follows C, E, X format. Include evidence that is relevant to your claim and supports your thesis statement.Make sure to include quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from the book to fully suport and illustrate your thesis. Include additional sources, if needed, to support your thesis and analysis. Proofread, carefully checking for grammatical and surface errors.Minimum of five pages, double-spaced, twelve point font, MLA format.Use correct MLA format and include a Works Cited page.

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