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Essay (any type) Discipline African-American Studies Academic level Master’s Num



Essay (any type)DisciplineAfrican-American StudiesAcademic levelMaster’sNumber of pages5, double spacingDeadlineMay 27, 2022 (08:01 PM)TitleNot SpecifiedPaper instructionsThe paper should be at least 1,250 words and not exceed 1,750 words therefore the paper should be 5-7 pages doubled-space in New Times Roman, 12-point font size. THE PAPER SHOULD NOT EXCEED SEVEN PAGES AND WILL NOT BE GRADED BEYOND SEVEN PAGES. The paper will require research beyond the textbooks. The paper should have at least five reputable sources. The textbooks may serve as sources. Reputable sources can include primary sources, secondary sources and academic journal articles. Primary sources are strongly recommended as they are guaranteed to strengthen your paper if utilized in its proper context. Some online sources are reputable as well; however, the student must be extremely cautious utilizing them as many online sources are not. Please refrain from utilizing online sources except in cases of necessity such as primary sources only available online. Proper citations for research is expected and required in paper. Students are to utilize footnotes in Turabian style consistently as the citation style throughout the paper. The paper will be graded based on content and style consisting of the following factors: Introduction, Formulation of Thesis/Argument, Strength of the Thesis/Argument, Support of the Thesis/Argument, Conclusion, Originality of Thought, Documentation, Structure, Format, Diction, Spelling, Punctuation and Paper Length. Both papers are designed to foster learning and development of writing skills therefore each student should follow the paper writing format below. Outline for Constructing a Paper All research should be completed prior to constructing the paper. Based on the research an argument should be formulated prior to constructing the paper. The argument (thesis) is very important as it constitutes the purpose for the paper. Formulating an argument consists of making a claim and giving the reasons for the claim. Formulating an outline prior to writing fosters the construction of the paper as the outline generally reflects the paper’s construction. There are three major components of the paper: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. I. Introduction A. Introduce the topic of the paper with a statement that will acquire the undivided attention of the reader (quote, historical fact, etc.) B. Offer some compelling sentences on the topic and background information on the topic. C. Formulate the thesis (claim and reasons for claim). D. Instructions to the reader (Inform the reader about how the thesis will be proven throughout the paper). II. Body A. The body of the paper is the largest part consisting of several paragraphs. B. The purpose of the body is to offer evidence that examines and supports the reasons for the claim as formulated in the thesis. C. Each paragraph should include a topic sentence and concluding sentence. D. Each paragraph should address at least one of the reasons in the thesis. E. Each paragraph should point the reader back to the thesis as the intent of the paper’s body is to prove the thesis. F. The conclusion of each paragraph should provide smooth transitions into the next paragraph. III. Conclusion The first sentence of the conclusion should re-state the thesis but in a different way. Each sentence in the conclusion should summarize the body of the paper. The conclusion should demonstrate that the paper has proved its thesis and moved the reader beyond the intent of the writer. The conclusion should motivate the reader to desire and engage in more reading on the topic. The paper should conclude how it begun seeking to gain and maintain the attention of the reader (quote or something emotional and motivational related to the content of the paper). G. The conclusion of each paragraph should provide smooth transitions into the next paragraph. The role of the Black Church was essential to the success of the Civil Rights movement. However, a major historical misnomer is the belief that most black churches were active in the movement. The most prominent reaction to the Civil Rights movement was the Black Power movement which directly challenged the non-violent philosophy and ethics of Martin Luther King Jr. Formulate a thesis in which you explain which movement had the most effective philosophy and strategy for the uplift and fight for equality of black people and which movement had the most prominent effect on the theology and praxis of the Black Church utilizing historical evidence to support your claim. Be sure to provide reasons for your argument.

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