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Essay Project #1: CREATIVE NON-FICTIONTHE TASK: Write a 3+ page WORK OF CREATIVE NON-FICTION that combines the styles of essay, memoir, and personal essay. It has to be a work of NON-FICTION about something that happened in MIAMI. Think about the stories, episodes, and/or experiences of your own life in MIAMI that reveal something about the community or the culture—something beyond you, but that you are a part of or impacted by. It has to be a story of something that you experienced, it has to represent or connect to something larger than you can add interesting. Be creative in your approach, and find the right shape for the ideas you want to present.PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to practice CREATIVE NON-FICTION writing strategies and think about how to experiment with structure, voice, as well as other elements of imaginative writing like character, setting, and scene. This assignment asks you to use CREATIVE NON-FICTION as a path to deeper critical thinking about your community. It also creates an opportunity for you to work through all of the stages of the writing process – brainstorming, drafting, development, revision, polishing, and publishing – with guidance and support from your writing community (ie, your professor and classmates).GOOD THINKING = GOOD WRITING: Please allow youself to BE INSPIRED by our class discussions and examples of CREATIVE NON-FICTION. Combine the observation techniques you practiced while working as an ethnographer with your emerging skills as an imaginative writer.Please look to the textbook chapters and examples of CREATIVE NON-FICTION that we’ve read for class for ideas on form, style, and structure. You might go for a story, or a monologue, or a lesson, a list, or collage. You might combine these structures for something altogether fresh and new. Remember that you are looking at these readings as examples of form, style, structure, voice, setting, character, not theme or plot. What structure makes sense for the story you want to tell? What stylistic decisions are best for your essay and the impact you want it to have on your audience.?THIS SHOULD NOT BE WRITTEN AS A 5-PARAGRAPH ESSAY OR AS A BORING ACADEMIC STYLE ESSAY. Get loose; have fun.Your story must be your own and, again, go beyond personal narrative to comment on community or culture beyond you. This is an important part of writing in the genre of CREATIVE NON-FICTION. You want to HAVE PURPOSE AND MEANING BEYOND THE EXPERIENCES RELATED. Think of this as the So What? As you write about Miami, make sure to avoid clichés (ie, Rude Miami or Only in Miami tropes) and do not produce marketing content (ie, a travel brochure on Miami Beach or “My Day in Little Havana”). Be original.Good writing takes time. Brainstorm. Write a first draft to get all of your ideas out. Then, develop – restructure, re-work, re-write – this first draft to make sure that you are meeting the assignment requirements and following the guidelines of narrative writing. WRITING IS REVISION. Take into consideration the feedback you receive in peer review. Only once you have revised/reworked the ideas and structure of your draft is organized and the details developed are you ready to proofread for sentence-level errors.

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