Ethics WK 5 IP

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Your work with UWEAR and PALEDENIM is coming to a close.

As you reflect on the following final deliverable, you realize that the new values-driven culture, including the code of conduct, represents just part of the change faced by the organizations. Other areas of change include work roles, reporting structure, and key business processes.

The CEOs would like you to recommend a change strategy and process for Theresa and Mike to follow.

Review the scenario for this course, take Part 1 of the Key Assignment, and add an additional 200–500 words to the executive report that addresses the following:

  • What change management model (such as Lewin’s, Kotter’s, or ADKAR) should be used, and why?
  • What are the set of steps used in the model you chose?
  • What can the CEO’ do to address resistance to change during the merger?

I included the completed assignment for wk 4. All you have to do is add the executive report.

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Ethics WK 5 IP

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