ethnic studies


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Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  1. read the “guidelines for taking notes
  2. read the test paragraph below, which is taken from the American Sociological Association statement called “The Importance of Collecting Data and Doing Social Scientific Research on Race“:

The question of whether to collect statistics that allow the comparison of differences among racial and ethnic groups in the census, public surveys, and administrative databases is not an abstract one. Some scholarly and civic leaders believe that measuring these differences promotes social divisions and fuels a mistaken perception that race is a biological concept. California voters are likely to face a referendum in 2004 to prohibit the collection of racial data by most state government agencies. As the leading voice for 13,000 academic and practicing sociologists, the ASA takes the position that calls to end the collection of data using racial categories are ill advised, although racial categories do not necessarily reflect biological or genetic categories. The failure to gather data on this socially significant category would preserve the status quo and hamper progress toward understanding and addressing inequalities in primary social institutions. The ASA statement highlights significant research findings on the role and consequences of race relations in social institutions such as schools, labor markets, neighborhoods, and health care scholarship that would not have been possible without data on racial categories.

3. Post a 2-3 sentence summary of  this paragraph using the guidelines for taking notes 


Guidelines for taking notes are attached below.






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