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Evaluating the Airline Experience and Service Quality


Review: attached doc and following links

Nam, S, Ha, C, Lee, H. (2018). Redesigning in-flight service with service blueprint based on text analysis. (Links to an external site.) MDPI.com, Sustainability|an Open Access Journal. 10 (12):4492.

Next, select an airline and research information pertaining to the services provided and customer reviews. There are many online resources to aid in your search effort, including but not limited to:

Develop a comprehensive report of the airline-passenger service encounters (as identified by Nam and Lee, 2018) and propose recommendations for improving service quality. Review the following report requirements:

At a minimum, your report should include the following topics:

  • Identify the airline’s position (as a legacy or low-cost carrier) and describe how the service mix caters to their target market.
  • Evaluate the eight service encounters based on customer reviews and secondary research.
  • Explain the importance of innovative in-flight services.
  • Describe the significance of service quality and how it can be measured.

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