Exam: 02.01 Translations


The figure shows a pair of parallel line segments on a coordinate grid: 

2015010516291702 01 02

   The line segments are translated 2 units to the left to form J’K’ and M’N’. Which statement describes J’K’ and M’N’?

Polygon ABCD slides 4 units left and 3 units up on the coordinate plane. If the original measure of angle A was 75 degrees, what is the measure of angle A’?

Line segment EF has a length of 5 units. It is translated 5 units to the right on a coordinate plane to obtain line segment E’F’. What is the length of E’F’?

Which translation will change figure QRSTU to figure Q’R’S’T’U’?

2015010516333602 01 06

The figure shows Triangle ABC and some of its transformed images on a coordinate grid: 

2015010516351802 01 07

Which of the four triangles was formed by a translation of Triangle ABC?

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