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Excelsior College Gather Your Evidence Based Literature Sources Paper


M2.5 Gather Your Evidence-Based Literature Sources

The health care needs within the LGBTQ community is just as important as the health care needs of any other person.

Your topic idea-Challenges in Health Care Needs of the LGBTQ-Disparities in the LGBTQ community discourages those of this group to seek proper health care which in turn leads to an increase in poor health within this group.

Your rationale for the topic – what exactly is the problem and who is it impacting?-Discrimination in the LGBTQ health care community has a serious impact on the health of this population. Individuals of this community feel that physicians lack concern for their specific needs and health issues

you will gather the first batch of literature to support your review of the evidence base, also known as the research or the literature. You will gather at least eight sources directly related to various aspects of your topic. Then you will evaluate them using the TRAAP Method (Links to an external site.). You will answer all of the questions about each of your sources to ensure they are credible.

Your sources should be broken down as follows:

  • At least four recent and highly credible peer-reviewed articles directly related to the topic;
  • At least two current government or healthcare organization resources (report, white paper, government brief, etc.)
  • At least two national in-depth current and credible news articles that show how your chosen issue is being portrayed to the public. If your issue is sufficiently localized, you may select a regional news source.

You may submit your evaluation of your sources in a table, bulleted, or paragraph form.

Be sure that you are covering every element of TRAAP for all five resources.

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