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Experiencing a disability essay?


Experiencing a Disability Assignment

Purpose: Routine daily activities are no longer automatic and effortless for an individual who becomes physically challenged. The purpose of this activity is to have students gain an appreciation of the daily activities for someone living with a physical disability.

Procedure: Think about the situations with the disability listed below. Then reflect on the activity by answering and throughly explaining the reflection questions at the end. 2 page paper double spaced.

Situation 1: Unilateral Upper Extremity Weakness

  • Open and close a peanut butter jar and jam jar with one hand, prepare a PB & J sandwich, spreading contents on bread slice with the non-dominant upper extremity
  • Situation 2: Hemiplegia Propelling a Wheelchair

  • Pretend to propel a wheelchair, using only the non-dominant upper and lower extremity. Negotiate surrounding environments .
  • Situation 3: Hemianopsia (visual field restriction impairment)

  • Throw and catch a plastic beach ball
  • Situation 4: Speech Impairment

    Communicate with someone,, without speaking, the following messages.

  • “I have to go to the bathroom.”
  • “My left arm is weak and the right arm is strong”
  • Reflection

    Write a full 2 page paper reflecting on this experience. The following questions will be answered regarding each situation:

    1. Describe the most difficult activity for each situation and explain why this was challenging.

    2. Describe the strategies/adaptations you used to accomplish each activity.

    3. Describe the feeling(s) you experienced during each situation.

    4. Identify at least 1 safety issue that presented during each situation.

    5. How has this experience impacted your future work as a Physical Therapist Assistant?

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