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Explaining 4 prompts in sociology


You need about 200 words to express an idea and supporting thought. You will need about 1000 words to answer the prompts.

1. What is the main premise (idea) of Merton’s theory? Explain the 5 categories of deviant Behavior. Explain what category homeless people fall under and why?

2. Explain 4 types of social bonds discussed in the control theory by Travis Hirschi

3. Differentiate between lines of decent and residence. Why is it important to examine them?
4. What do you understand by the concept of cultural capital? Why is this concept important to understand education inequality?

Shows clear understanding of the prompt.

Terms are used correctly

Good examples

Prompt is addressed

The plagiarism check will be enables and any submission in the range of yellow to red will not be accepted. Read the syllabus to understand the similarity scores and colors. I urge you to understand the concept and write in your own words. I am not looking for fancy language, but honest writing.

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