Family Development Paper.


Family Development Paper.

Family Development Paper.


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Family System and Family Life Cycle 

.. (This paper portion needs to be at least 2 full pages)….  discuss your family system in terms of the family life cycle.  Use the different phases listed in Figure 1.5

Emotional Process and Second-Order Tasks 

Start the text here …  Using Figure 1.5 in the textbook, discuss the emotional process of transition and the second-order tasks for EACH family member (If you have a large family, pick six to eight key individuals including yourself to discuss).

Present Life Situations 

The family is the basic unit of our society. Families are made up of many individuals that each have their own personalities, values, and beliefs. McCombs is a typical nuclear family consisting of Grandmother Juanita, Carolyn (mom), Angelica (my sister), Her kids and Me. In our family we consider each other opinion first before coming up with a final decision.

Juanita McCombs ( 87 years old) was married to Bobby McCombs. She Used to pick cotton in Bennettsville South Carolina before moving to Brooklyn New York. They had two children; Carolyn McCombs and Kenneth McCombs who Passed away in 2004.Juanita divorced Bobby, and she suffers from Alzheimer’s disease; it is said to run in the Family Her mother Octavia Williams also suffered from the disease. Carolyn McCombs (61 years old) grew up in Bennettsville South Carolina and Moved to Brooklyn New York. She is the mother of Terrell McCombs and Angelica Lewis Grandmother to Christopher Gomez (CJ), Ayden McCombs Kyi McCombs, Jalen McCombs, and Jayla McCombs.

She is a survivor of Breast cancer that does not run in the McCombs family or Williams Family. She also suffered from a mild stroke in 2010. She is not married. Angelica Lewis (36 years old), daughter of Carolyn McCombs and Melvin Lewis. Angelica is the oldest sibling and the mother of Christopher Gomez (CJ), Ayden MCcombs McCombs, Jalen McCombs, and Jayla McCombs. Angelica was sexually assaulted by an uncle when she was the age of 13 years old causing some mental instability causing her to act out. She is a survivor of Domestic violence when she was involved with Kyi McCombs, Jalen McCombs, and Jayla McCombs father they have since broken up and no longer speak.

Christopher Gomez Jr. (CJ) (8 years old ). He is the oldest of Angelica’s kids, CJ suffers from a learning disability (Dyslexia) to my knowledge that does not run in the Gomez Family. CJ did suffer from a stuttering problem when he was 1-2 years of age and has since stopped. Ayden McCombs( 7 years old ) is the second oldest and he is currently in Georgia with his brothers and sisters, Ayden suffers from no health or mental issues.

Kyi MCcombs (4 years old ) is the Middle child of Angelica and suffers from no mental or physical illnesses or issues. Kyi is also in Georgia. Jayla and Jalen ( 2 years old)  are twins and the youngest of Angelica’s kids. They have no mental or physical illness. Terrell McCombs (31 years old), Son of Carolyn McCombs brother to Angelica Lewis and Grandson to Juanita McCombs. Terrell Currently Lives in Columbia South Carolina. Terrell is not married and has no kids and has no mental or physical health issues. Father is still alive, but relationship is non-existent.


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