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Feedback from work just completed


This is the feedback I got from the work just completed

Slow down a bit Grace and carefully review my Week3 announcement and the project template. I just reviewed your first draft and I think you need a lot of work. Please consider the following pointers for Part1:

1. You need to use the correct proposal template. I am attaching one here for your use. Carefully review this as this indicates what information is required in your proposal.

2. You have to include a network diagram which shows how all of your devices are connected. This include classrooms, lab, library, office, as well as wireless connections.

3. I need to see some more details on each of your network component. This also include end user systems.

4. No assumptions of how the network will be used?

5. Wrong usage of IEEE style citation.

Your Part2 is the give away that you used the wrong template. I’d recommend you to focus on Part1 first.


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