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Analyze the Korean film “The Handmaiden 아가씨 (2016)”

Please read through the attached file carefully and follow the instruction.!!

As a renowned film scholar based in Seattle, you are asked to write an analytical paper about “Scene Analysis: Representation of Gender, Women, or Sexuality in Korean Cinema.”With your paper as a case study, the University of Washington will open a new film course. So, please do your best to create a cogent essay that can demonstrate your understanding of film as well as your command of film terms. You should chooseeither one film or two films taught in this course(except Along with the Gods: Two Worlds) and write an analytical essay. For this essay, you are required to include the followings:

  1. Proper introduction and conclusion

: Do not begin your scene analysis in the introduction. Introduce your thesis first.

  1. Formal analysis of at least TWO different sequences (scenes)

: Your sequence analysis should describe significant techniques, mise-en-scène, and cinematography in the sequence. It should also explain how those formal elements contribute to the aesthetic and narrative dimension of the film. You may also relate this sequence analysis to the next task (why the film is important in the representation of gender, women, or sexuality in Korean cinema). Do not include any plot summary. If you need to explain the narrative context of the scenes you are analyzing, please make it brief.

NOTE: You may NOT choose the same scenes/sequences you analyzed in either your film response or discussion postings. If you’d like to use the same scenes, please add new perspectives to your analysisin addition to what you already addressed in your film response or discussion postings.

  1. Explanation of why the film is important in the representation of gender, women, or sexuality in Korean cinema and your personal opinion of the film in general

: Please make sure to remain objective and keep your opinion in the tone appropriate for this genre of writing (For instance, even when you criticize the film, use formal language and expression, while providing enough evidence and suggestions). You can address this part in either introduction or conclusion.

Other Considerations:

Use proper film terms you have learned in this course (Incorrect use of terms will lead to the deduction of points).

– This is NOT a research paper. So, no need to cite anything.

– Avoid colloquial expressions or inappropriate words.

– Do NOT exceed 6 pages in total.


4 pages (double-spaced): If your paper is less than 3.5 pages long, it will be considered incomplete.

– Microsoft Word (Canvas recognizes only Microsoft Word documents), double-spaced with 1 inch margin, 12 point Times New Roman font

– Indent each paragraph except the very first one.

– your name in the top left corner on the first page, and your last name and page number in the header (on the top right corner of each page).

– Date of submission will be recorded automatically on canvas system.

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