Final Exam


1. Representing the words or ideas of another as one’s own in any academic exercise, including draft assignments that are submitted and graded as a part of the curriculum, is plagiarism. (Points : 1)


Question 2.2. Which of the following is the LEAST useful type of source? (Points : 1)

  one that includes other researchers’ analysis
  one that offers just facts or information
  one that offers you new perspectives
  one that includes at least one of the BEAM elements

Question 3.3. A comma-splice sentence may be corrected by (Points : 1)

  ending the sentence where the comma is and starting a new sentence.
  replacing the comma with a semicolon to connect the two independent clauses.
  All of the above
  none of the above

Question 4.4. Which of the following is a useful technique for editing and copyediting? (Points : 1)

  Reading out loud
  Reading backward so that individual sentences are isolated
  Optimizing your word processor’s editing tools
  All of the above

Question 5.5. Subject guides in a university library provide all of the following resources EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

  specific peer reviewed articles.
  useful database recommendations.
  the names of useful subject-specific resources.
  reference books.

Question 6.6. “Secret organizations are watching our every move. The fact that we know nothing about them shows how powerful they actually are.” This is an example of (Points : 1)

  a begging-the-question fallacy.
  an appeal-to-ignorance fallacy.
  misplacing the burden of proof fallacy.
  a slippery-slope fallacy.

Question 7.7. Which of the following characteristics is NOT an expected outcome of a research project? (Points : 1)

  Frustrations and challenges occur in the writing process.
  New perspectives will occur.
  You will forge a solitary path to the answer.
  Your voice will inform a community of scholars.

Question 8.8. When you use your values and personal experiences as evidence, you need to do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  Establish the limited nature of your views and experiences.
  Test your views and experiences by including other evidence.
  Describe your values and experiences so that you win the debate.
  Consider the values and experiences of others.

Question 9.9. The drafting stage of the writing process all of the following strategies, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  discovery of what your research means.
  determining how to frame an argument.
  focusing only on proving your thesis.
  being open-minded about potential changes.

Question 10.10. The tactic of straying off topic in the middle of an argument to draw people away from the argument is known as (Points : 1)

  the guilt-trip fallacy.
  the argument-from-envy fallacy.
  the red herring fallacy.
  the argument-from-pity fallacy.

Question 11.11. Which of the following is generally NOT helpful in a conclusion? (Points : 1)

  reminding readers of the logic of your argument
  conveying your most important idea
  asking a series of general questions related to the topic
  emphasizing your contributions to the conversation

Question 12.12. Rogerian Argument is arranged in the following order: (Points : 1)

  Introduction, Argument, Rebuttal, Counterargument, Conclusion
  Introduction & Thesis Statement, Position & Evidence, Opposing Viewpoint, Rebuttal, Conclusion
  Thesis Statement, Topic Sentences, Conclusion
  Introduction & Thesis Statement, Opposing Viewpoint, Position & Evidence, Common Ground, Solution & Conclusion

Question 13.13. Changing a word or two in a source relieves you of the responsibility to credit the source. (Points : 1)


Question 14.14. What can a coherent question provide for you? (Points : 1)

  broad access to a large community of scholars
  agreement amongst scholars of the truth of a particular issue
  an area of controversy in need of clarification
  open-ended questions for further research

Question 15.15. Which of the following will likely confuse your reader when describing your basic topic? (Points : 1)

  insight into your perspective
  extensive details about your topic
  comparison to similar topics
  contrasts with familiar topics

Question 16.16. Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)

  their role in aiding memorization
  their aid in problem solving
  their necessity in entry-level job positions
  their assistance in helping students finish exams

Question 17.17. Meticulously planning out one’s writing ahead of time most often results in WHICH of the following? (Points : 1)

  It helps you determine how to get started writing.
  You avoid wasting time miscommunicating ideas.
  It helps you achieve clarity and efficiency.
  It stifles open-mindedness and flexibility.

Question 18.18. Politicians are often accused of attacking the person instead of addressing the argument itself. This is an example of (Points : 1)

  straw-man fallacy.
  the ad hominem fallacy.
  the argument-from-common-practice fallacy.
  none of the above.

Question 19.19. Topic sentences are optional and should not be used in a persuasive essay. (Points : 1)


Question 20.20. All of the following criteria help writers gauge their interest in a topic, EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

  listing unanswered questions.
  mapping concepts and connections.
  deciding that sufficient research already exists.
  writing paragraphs about important topics.

Question 21.21. One of the consequences for academic dishonesty at Ashford is (Points : 1)

  dismissal from the university.
  a failing course grade.
  a failing assignment grade.
  All of the above

Question 22.22. When starting a writing project, researchers should approach their research topic as all of the following EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

  an interesting problem to be solved.
  a potential line of inquiry.
  an area with numerous perspectives.
  a randomly selected aspect of the topic.

Question 23.23. Which of the following is NOT recommended when familiarizing yourself with a new field? (Points : 1)

  making an initial survey of existing research
  knowing the current controversies in a field
  only seeking out information related to your initial question
  figuring out what issues are at stake in the debate

Question 24.24. Which of the following is a complex sentence? (Points : 1)

  Eric organized the filing system, but he did not update the files.
  Eric organized the filing system and updated the files.
  Because the files were already updated, Eric had little to do, so he enjoyed his afternoon.
  Updating the files were a difficult endeavor for Eric; he didn’t much care for filing.

Question 25.25. Which of the following BEST describes why researchers should review the “Cited by” link in Google Scholar during the early stages of a research project? (Points : 1)

  The link helps researchers avoid repeating the same topics as others.
  The link shows that other researchers have considered an article significant.
  The link shows the popularity of an academic author.
  The link proves the accuracy of the cited information.

Question 26.26. Which thesis statement offers a strong position for a persuasive paper? (Points : 1)

  Peanut allergies have been on the rise in the last twenty years in America.
  Recent popularity of antibacterial soaps, cleaners, and sanitizers may be one cause of some of the food-based allergies in some people, in my opinion.
  A lot of doctors say that allergen-inducing foods should be avoided in the first year of life.
  Allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, and fruits, are a serious threat to the health of millions of school children the world over.

Question 27.27. Which of the following is NOT recommended when starting an introduction? (Points : 1)

  Create a clear relationship between a few salient facts.
  Describe your topic in overly general or vague language.
  Avoid introducing abstract terms.
  Define and illustrate the terms you present.

Question 28.28. The research paper default font style and size is (Points : 1)

  Cambria 12
  Times New Roman 12
  Ariel 12
  Helvetica 12

Question 29.29. Which of the following is NOT a reason why student researchers often struggle to find resources? (Points : 1)

  They discover that no resources exist on their topic of interest.
  They search randomly for general information.
  They are unfamiliar with Google Scholar and other library databases.
  They are unaware of differences between academic and popular sources.

Question 30.30. Which of the following characteristics BEST describes the benefit of creating a list of essential questions? (Points : 1)

  Essential questions rely upon concrete and factual answers.
  Essential questions feature specific research data.
  Essential questions can be easily answered with a definitive response.
  Essential questions produce multiple responses and perspectives.

Question 31.31. An interpretive framework for an essay should include all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  emotionally driven beliefs.
  opinions of experts.
  historical precedent.
  cause-and-effect relationships.

Question 32.32. Research projects should accomplish all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  Fill a gap in knowledge.
  Evaluate the effectiveness of a methodology.
  Argue based upon a personal belief.
  Solve problems.

Question 33.33. When analyzing and interpreting a source, researchers should avoid WHICH of the following? (Points : 1)

  understanding the sequence of ideas
  understanding patterns in ideas
  understanding relationships between evidence
  understanding concepts in the abstract

Question 34.34. How are method sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)

  They provide readers with claims to dispute evidence.
  They provide readers with materials to accept basic premises as truthful.
  They offer readers a particular procedure or perspective to assess usefulness.
  They offer readers concrete data or examples to assess claims.

Question 35.35. A Rogerian Argument ends with a clear winner and loser. (Points : 1)


Question 36.36. Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? (Points : 1)

  I always have a difficult time choosing a topic. Writing is hard!
  I always have a difficult time choosing a topic; writing is hard!
  All of the above
  None of the above

Question 37.37. How are argument sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)

  They offer a persuasive perspective on one side of a controversial issue.
  They provide conclusive evidence that ends a debate.
  They encourage the reader to remain neutral on a topic.
  They make the reader highly emotional about the issue.

Question 38.38. When writing a thesis paragraph, you should AVOID (Points : 1)

  explaining the significance of your thesis
  claiming other authors’ ideas as your own
  establishing your own perspective in a scholarly debate
  articulating your thesis as a response to established research

Question 39.39. Which of the following is NOT a myth concerning the search for the “perfect source?” (Points : 1)

  Your perfect source will help you understand exactly what you want to say.
  All confusions are cleared up by one source that excels above all others.
  For an easy writing process, you need to find one perfect source that makes everything fall into place.
  You should search for sources that are more reputable than others.

Question 40.40. Identify the sentence with the subject-verb agreement error. (Points : 1)

  The family cat snuggles with the children.
  The pack of dogs love to go hunting.
  There are a number of teams in the competition.
  Nobody likes that guy!

Question 41.41. Ashford University instructors use anti-plagiarism resources to determine the originality of submitted written work. (Points : 1)


Question 42.42. Which thesis sentence best addresses a counter-argument? (Points : 1)

  Although texting while driving is known to cause distraction behind the wheel, making texting while driving illegal would not solve the problem.
  People have a right to talk on cell phones while driving if they want to.
  Teenagers are most likely to text while driving and it is dangerous.
  Bluetooth and hands-free technology is gaining popularity in the American auto industry.

Question 43.43. What type of language is MOST effective when making a point in an academic essay? (Points : 1)

  elaborate stories that capture the reader’s imagination
  a measured, serious tone of voice
  a heated dispute between the writer and opposing viewpoints
  a dismissive attitude toward alternate ideas

Question 44.44. Which of the following is NOT considered a viable criterion for evaluating sources? (Points : 1)

  easiness to find and read

Question 45.45. Which of the following is the BEST way to begin the research process? (Points : 1)

  Look for information that only supports your views.
  Look for information that is easiest to access.
  Look for a compelling conversation among scholars.
  Look for a complex problem to seek a solution to.

Question 46.46. Setting up quoted passages includes all of the following tactics EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  establishing the author’s purpose
  conveying the passage accurately
  Allowing the passage to speak for itself
  following up with analysis and interpretation

Question 47.47. Valuable research writing is expected to do all of the following EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

  Provide additional support for other researchers’ views.
  Show errors in previous research.
  Repeat well-established information without further discussion.
  Resolve mysteries from previous research.

Question 48.48. Which of the following is UNLIKELY to help the reader find BASIC information on a topic? (Points : 1)

  consulting encyclopedias
  referring to subject guides
  reading dictionaries
  searching academic databases

Question 49.49. In order to develop knowledge of a subject, which of the following is NOT considered essential? (Points : 1)

  research skills

Question 50.50. Which strategy is LEAST helpful when organizing sequences of ideas in a project? (Points : 1)

  keeping readers’ needs and limits in mind
  repeatedly covering known and familiar concepts
  complicating ideas as your reader develops knowledge
  blending discussion of abstract ideas with concrete examples

Question 51.51. When completing your thesis statement, you should have all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  definitive answers to your topic question
  examples and cases for evidence
  an interpretative framework
  multiple partners-in-inquiry

Question 52.52. Abstracts are useful in helping researchers accomplish all of the following, EXCEPT: (Points : 1)

  preview significant findings.
  describe the problem.
  gather comprehensive data.
  present conclusions.

Question 53.53. What definition BEST describes the relationship between sibling topics and central topics? (Points : 1)

  Sibling topics are related to the central idea and important to consider.
  Sibling topics are more general than your central topic.
  Sibling topics show the details of your central topic.
  Sibling topics are unrelated to your central topic and irrelevant.

Question 54.54. Choose the best topic sentence. (Points : 1)

  Determination is a key trait in a strong leader and can be learned and developed in many ways.
  Good leaders are determined to lead.
  Barak Obama is a strong leader because he is an orator and has a casual approach.

Question 55.55. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of a thesis? (Points : 1)

  to respond to one or more researchers’ positions
  to prove a point
  to present a straightforward definition of the topic
  to cite relevant evidence to support your argument

Question 56.56. Researchers can BEST develop and refine their research question in which ONE of the following ways? (Points : 1)

  Keep the original wording the same.
  Use the successful search terms in gathered sources to rewrite the question.
  Make the research question as detailed as possible, including all possibilities.
  Rewrite the research question to cover a larger issue.

Question 57.57. A thesis statement must be written as a complete sentence. (Points : 1)


Question 58.58. Which of the following DOES NOT describe a characteristic of news, trade, and popular sources? (Points : 1)

  They may be subject to editorial review or review by industry practitioners.
  They make assertions without always providing readers with verification of evidence.
  They are written primarily to educate or entertain.
  They use a broad citation system to document sources.

Question 59.59. Peer review is NOT able to provide us with which of the following? (Points : 1)

  careful interpretations
  conclusive evidence
  alternative perspectives
  reasonable accuracy

Question 60.60. Which of the following strategies is NOT used to narrow a subject search? (Points : 1)

  Use the “Search as Words” option.
  Use general, broad subject headings.
  Use available limiters.
  Use AND or AND NOT.

Question 61.61. An effective paragraph generally features (Points : 1)

  a topic sentence
  examples or explanations
  All of the above
  None of the above

Question 62.62. Choose the best topic sentence. (Points : 1)

  My short-term goal is to learn how to search the library databases more effectively.
  One way determination can be learned and developed is by creating short-term goals, such as learning how to use the internet, and long-term goals, like earning a Bachelor’s degree.
  You must be determined to meet your goals in order to succeed.

Question 63.63. Which of the following does NOT apply to student researchers? (Points : 1)

  You must demonstrate knowledge of a subject.
  You must include credible, scholarly research.
  You must actively respond to the experts in your writing.
  You must seek to correct other studies.

Question 64.64. An original work (as opposed to an interpretation of the work) is known as (Points : 1)

  a primary source
  a secondary source
  a tertiary source
  none of the above

Question 65.65. Which of the following is the PRIMARY motivation for publishing credible work? (Points : 1)

  desire to advance a political agenda
  pursuit of truth as the highest goal
  desire to entertain readers
  strong faith in one’s own beliefs

Question 66.66. An interpretive account should include all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  an explanation of what other writers have written
  the significance of meaning of the literature
  a straightforward description of other writers’ ideas
  an evaluation of the usefulness of the articles

Question 67.67. Claims rely on all of the following kinds of evidence EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  expert testimony.
  historical narrative.

Question 68.68. The use of precise synonyms is MOST helpful for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)

  It helps find sources that more directly address the topic question.
  It uses everyday language.
  It teaches the researcher new vocabulary terms.
  It helps researchers get hundreds or thousands of exact results.

Question 69.69. Using the acronym “BEAM” helps researchers in which of the following ways? (Points : 1)

  It teaches students how to find sources in the library and how to use them in research.
  It helps students remember the different types of sources by using an everyday term.
  It makes the different types of writing abstract and complex.
  It helps students learn new vocabulary words.

Question 70.70. Which of the following is NOT a requirement of APA formatting? (Points : 1)

  an in-text citation with abbreviated publication information
  an in-text citation with the Internet web address
  a references page of all sources in alphabetical order
  parenthetical references with author, publication year, and page number

Question 71.71. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)

  People should always keep their dogs restrained because it is the law.
  Although dogs require exercise for optimal health, owners should always keep their dogs restrained to protect the animal from accidental injury and the public from attack.
  Dogs are animals and not fashion accessories so they should be allowed to run free.

Question 72.72. The project description serves all of the following functions in the initial phase of a research project, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

  the puzzling phenomenon you want to explain.
  a description of your approach to the research.
  the conclusions you have reached.
  a summary of different research articles on the topic.

Question 73.73. Which ONE of the following research purposes offers the best contribution to the field? (Points : 1)

  to avoid conflict
  to summarize the achievements of others
  to complicate the issues
  to offer something new and interesting

Question 74.74. We can expect that the work of research will NOT provide us with which of the following? (Points : 1)

  alternative perspectives
  new variables to consider
  clear and definitive solutions
  tacit values

Question 75.75. Researchers are LEAST likely to want to know which of the following from their sources? (Points : 1)

  how other researchers have framed their questions
  what existent data proved useful
  popular opinions on their topic
  false starts other researchers have taken

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