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It’s time for our final field trip of the semester. For Week 5 we’re going to virtually travel to the Vatican to see two key examples of Renaissance art and architecture. We need to do this because your textbook does not give enough examples of Renaissance art!

First, we’re stopping at Saint Peter’s Basilica and then we’ll go on to the Sistine Chapel. The links below will give you some context about each stop on our trip and also will take you to virtual tours of each structure. After you’ve gone on the tours, respond to the following prompt.

Give an overview of what you saw in each location. What specifically stood out to you as notable in terms of the art and architecture that you viewed? (Include examples from both the basilica and the chapel – you can focus on style, themes/subjects of paintings, presentation, etc.) How does the art and architecture you saw on our virtual field trip connect to the themes presented in this week’s readings about Renaissance art? In considering the issue of patronage, what might have motivated the Catholic Church to spend large amounts of money commissioning works like these? (It might help to think about some of the challenges we read about that the Catholic Church.) As always, be specific in your responses and cite all sources consulted in writing your post.

Virtual Tour Links:

For each tour link, you can use your mouse to get a 360 degree view of the room. You can also zoom in and out using your mouse wheel to get a closer look at the details and images. The tours do play music but a button in the bottom left corner will let you mute it if you wish.

Saint Peter’s Basilica Tour

Saint Peter’s Basilica Information

Sistine Chapel Tour

Sistine Chapel Information

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