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Final Letter to the Instructor​​ ( 3 Pages x 2 = 6 pages)


Final Letter to the Instructor

I need two versions of this paper one fro me and one for my friend.

We are in the same class and same teacher it must be 100% different.

– I attached one example

– I attached the class assignments instruction

Write a 3 pages letter to the instructor, which includes your own analysis of your work in this class.

You may discuss any of the following in this letter:

* Your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and how these may have changed or your awareness of these may have been altered.

* The essay that you are most pleased with

* The essay that you are least pleased with

* The difficulty level of the various essays you completed for this class

* The format of this class

* The quality of lecture notes, instructor feedback on papers, and other materials

* The helpfulness of the textbook

* Your progress from Comp I to Comp II

Though this letter is to be addressed to the instructor, the real point of this paper is for you to reflect on this semester–how the course did (or did not) help you grow as a writer–and prepare yourself for other writing assignments you may have in the future.

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