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Final Paper for English 1 Topic: Eugenics



-Essay is on the topic Eugenics. 8-10 pages double spaced MLA format (please make it around 8 and half)
-This is my final paper which consists of 3 other papers. The main document named “Final paper” Includes 2 of them since I didn’t due the last paper on Patenting human genes.
-Everything needs to be revised, intros and conclusions erased and moved into main finals papers intro and conclusion.
-Workcited needs to be around 8-10 sources, you can include the ones I already have + add a few from database. Need to include direct quotes in paragraphs from the sources used to support your claim. Please organize work cited in alphabetical order (last name)
-I attached 2 outlines from the first paper and third paper on Patenting human genes with sources you can use to save time. My last class I was given the following outline for the final paper.

The outline that should be followed:
-Health: Benefits and risks (separate paragraphs)
-Repositories & Discrimination: pros & cons. (separate paragraphs)
-Patenting human genes. These key words should be the topics for the last (3rd) part of the paper.
1)Moral & ethical

This Paper is due Monday morning at 10am. Id appreciate if it can be finished by Sunday night 🙂

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