Final report for Baseball team

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Final report I need

 statistics are very important to Major League Baseball. In the 1990s the Oakland Athletics’ success proved that statistical analysis of player performance is critical.

Your project will be an exercise in analyzing performance. Your group is assigned the task of building a new MLB dream-team. You should give your team a nickname. Analyze the statistics to select the following”

1 catcher, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 shortstop, 1 third baseman, a left fielder, center fielder and right fielder.

5 starting pitchers, 5 relief pitchers, 1 closing pitcher

Also select backup players. These players cannot have played more than 100 games in the previous year. Draft any combination of players who can backup the starting 8 players. It is best to select players who can play more than one position.

Your analysis should identify the statistics that you believe demonstrate performance. You must research baseball to help with your decisions. You will present your team on Draft day in the form of a formal presentation.

Note : the attachment is for the final report 

the deadline for it is today 11:55pm

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Final report for Baseball team

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