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First: read chapter 2, and make sure you understand how these theories are used



First: read chapter 2, and make sure you understand how these theories are used and applied in the field of Family Science.For example, the attachment theory is often misapplied; so make sure you understand how it is used when observing and explaining relationships and family dynamics.Next, identify and describe an example you in your own family or personal relationship with someone else (cannot be hypothetical) or from a movie/TV show that highlights the themes associated with 3 of the 9 different perspectives and frameworks.Therefore, you will present 3 examples.Each example must come from a different situation, interaction, relationship, or observation. In other words, don’t use the same interaction/relationship or movie/show for every example.Here are the theoretical options from Chapter 2:Family Ecology PerspectiveFamily Life Course Development FrameworkStructure-Functional PerspectiveInteraction-Constructionist PerspectiveExchange TheoryFamily SystemsFeminist TheoryBiosocial PerspectiveAttachment TheoryThis is not to be an arduous assignment, but to give you the opportunity to apply what you are learning to everyday life and use these different “lenses” from the theoretical perspectives presented in chapter two to explain and understand relational dynamics.This is an example from a previous student:According to the textbook, the Family Ecological Perspective studies how the family unit is impacted by the social environment surrounding it (Lamanna, et al., 2021, insert page#). This concept can be seen from how the work of parents affects their schedules, and in turn, how that affects their children and therefore, “…although society does not determine family members’ behavior, it does present constraints for families as well as opportunities…” (Lamanna, et al., 2021, insert page# ). An example of the Family Ecological Perspective can be observed in the show “Everyone Hates Chris.” The show demonstrates how a young man is impacted by his social environment. Chris’s father works long hours and as a result, Chris is always scared to get into trouble when his father gets home. The young man lives in a slightly impoverished neighborhood where his father is a mechanic. The show focuses on Chris’s life and how all of these environmental factors affect him: his father’s demanding work schedule that leaves him with an opportunity to be more influenced by his neighborhood and as a result potentially get into trouble.Be sure to follow the criteria outlined above and the expectations for written work provided below.In your paper, be sure to provide 3 examples that illustrate the various theoretical perspectives from chapter 2. Do not simply state the example but describe HOW the example can be explained and understood by your chosen theoretical perspective/framework. Remember to paraphrase information from our textbook and limit direct quotes.

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