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Florida International University Supply Chain Best Practices Paper


Refer to the weekly readings, in particular the article“Applying Supply Chain Best Practices from Other Industries to Healthcare”.  It refers to tactics that successful companies employ to achieve high-performing supply chains, and suggests that improved supply chain can improve healthcare costs within providers. An excerpt:

“Several years ago, Sisters of Mercy extended an open invitation to vendors to explore collaborative projects; while only one vendor, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, responded at the time, the result was a successful vendor managed inventory program. Moore says not every vendor makes a good collaborative partner, and there is no one-size- fits-all approach. Instead, he says, explore what works for you and your partner. Here are a few examples:….”

Conduct research on SCM practices. PICK ONE best practice and research how it has been deployed in healthcare, could be a green practice such as discarding biohazard material. Post a reflection of no more than 500 words with “lessons learned” relative to a specific practice (describe the practice, who, where and how is being implemented, challenges associated with implementation, key success factors and associated benefits, outlays and risks) . You can also reflect on your past experience dealing with related challenges.

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