Focus on the Case Study of Jake


Focus on the Case Study of Jake

Focus on the Case Study of Jake

  1. Read the  case studies and the star sheets for each  Focus on the Case Study of Jake

Review the case study in Iris Center (located in Activities of Collaboration, Case Study Jake)

Discuss the following questions.  Be sure to link to any laws or case studies to support your thinking and to information from text and readings.  Read and refer to the STAR Sheets as well

Collaboration often involves that the special education teacher works closely with and supports the regular education teacher.


  1. Legally, explain why it is important that Sharon make provisions for Jake to transition to a regular education classroom?
  2. How does Sharon assess Jake’s readiness to transition?  What else would you do? Do you believe Jake is ready now- why or why not?
  3. What needs to be considered in this transition? Why do you think Betty is resistant to having Jake in her class? How can Sharon assist Betty so they might work together to best serve Jake’s needs? What types of services or support would help Betty be more comfortable with having Jake in her classroom full-time?
  4. What services and support would your put in place to work collaboratively with Betty?  What other people should be involved the decision making and how would you ensure everyone’s voice is heard? How do you ensure that Jake’s voice is heard? Explain when, how and why you would collaborate with all stakeholders.
  5. Meetings Jakes’ needs is your primary focus.   What types of services or support would you implement to help Jake make a successful transition to a full-time general education classroom and manage his behavior and organizational skills? How would you monitor his progress and assess his success from multiple perspectives?
  6. NCLB requires that teachers be highly qualified.  What do you believe to be the top 3 qualifications you think every general education teacher should have. And the  top 3 qualifications you think every special education teacher should have
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