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For each paper you will select a current event and use a recent article from a n



For each paper you will select a current event and use a recent article from a newspaper orperiodical as the basis of your information. You should use reputable sources (such as NewYork Times, Washington Post, Atlantic Monthly, CNN, NPR, or their online sites) not sites likeWikipedia. Be sure to select a source that is widely recognized and available, and considered tobe a mainstream source of news. I will also post some articles about topics related to our coursecontent, which can be used as options for your papers.For the papers you will first summarize the article and topic, explain how the topic issociologically significant, and provide your sociological analysis of the topic, applyingsociologicalconcepts and theories as appropriate.The papers will be graded on the following criteria:1. Clear and understandable discussion of the topic and its relation to course material2. Critical, sociological analysis of the issue – utilizing sociological concepts and theories3. Overall writing ability – including grammar, spelling, & proper citation4. Adherence to the following guidelines:• Each paper should be a minimum of 700 words (approximately 3-5 pages)• You must turn your assignment in to the drop box attached as a doc, docx, pdf or rtf file.Files attached as wps cannot be viewed and will not be accepted. If your document isnot saved in the proper format, I will not be able to view it and therefore you will receivea zero.• Always begin the writing process by thinking! Brainstorm your ideas first, sort throughthem, and perhaps begin with an outline before you begin your paper. When you don’tthink and organize your thoughts prior to beginning your paper it is usually pretty obviousto your reader: your paper begins with one topic or position and ends with another, andthere is no consistent goal or direction to your paper.• Once you have some ideas in mind, you should develop a thesis statement. Begin yourpaper with a clear introduction. The introduction should introduce the reader to your topic(brief summary of your issue), clarify the concepts that you will be discussing, and showthe reader what the goal of your paper is (thesis statement). Your thesis statement iswhat you intend to show or prove in your paper. It gives your paper direction andorganization by giving it a goal to achieve. The body of your paper will support yourthesis statement with examples and applications of concepts from the course. End yourpaper with a conclusion that summarizes the paper, reaffirms your thesis statement, anddraws your paper to a close.• Be clear in your writing. To do so, you must show that you understand the material youare discussing and are capable of communicating in a written form to a reader. Avoidwordiness, overuse of “I” statements, or conversational style in your writing. Clarity alsorequires proper use of punctuation, tense and voice.• Avoid sexist or biased language. Use of the plural “they” is an acceptable substitute forhe/she. Do not use biased language to refer to different groups of people.• Avoid plagiarism! Your paper should include proper citation of all sources used (i.e.article, textbook, class notes, web page). You must use in-text citations whenever youuse a direct quote, summarized thought, or fact from another source. As a general rule, ifit is not your own, original thought or idea, you must cite your source. Citations arenecessary for each of the following: (1) direct quotations (2) paraphrases of an idea orthought (3) facts and/or statistics. If you are not familiar with using a works cited page orin- text citations, please go to the MCC writing center, or access the MLA or APAGuidelines through the MCC Library on the website. You can access the Citing Sources& Style Guides page in the Resources section of the MCC Library website. There youwill find multiple style guides. I prefer that you use either MLA or APA style for your workin this class.• Remember to use your sociological perspective! All papers should include a critical,sociological analysis of the topic – not just your opinion! A sociological analysis involvesusing a critical approach to examine how society shapes the behaviors of individuals.What aspect of your topic illustrates the relationship between individual and society?Use concepts and theories form the course to help you to develop this connection. Thisis your opportunity to truly show what you have learned in this class and to apply yoursociological thinkinghttps://apps.bostonglobe.com/metro/crime-courts/graphics/2022/02/hate-we-give/

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