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Treating Special Populations Paper

Review Chapters 15 & 19 of Foundations of Addiction Counseling

Select two special population groups.  

Write a 2,100- to 2,450-word paper that compares and contrasts the experiences of the two groups and discuss unique treatment issues that must be taken into consideration for each of these groups. Address the following:

  • How are these groups similar? How are they different?
  • What unique challenges do they face, separate from one another?
  • What are the strengths of these special populations?
  • What are the challenges these groups face with admitting addiction?
  • What psychotherapeutic approaches would be most effective with these groups? Why?
  • What treatment areas are specific to the selected populations?
  • What type of treatment setting would best suit your selected population?
  • What is the importance of addressing prejudice in relation to their addiction treatment?

Integrate at least four peer-reviewed articles, two for each special population, to enhance an understanding of the special populations.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.



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