FOR NYANYA (ONLY) – Week 5 DQ (HINT 209)

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Discussion Question 1


Conduct a web search for a Medical Academy or Healthcare Professional Association.  Write a summary of the association and describe in detail the certification requirements of the organization. Some examples would be the AAPC, American College of Surgeons, American Medical Association, the Medical Library Association, American Public Health Association (contains links to many other health associations), and Academy Health. These are just a few of many. Due 12/3/2014. 


Discussion Question 2


Visit the website for The Joint Commission at   Click on the Measurement tab and a drop down list will appear.  Select a topic under this tab, either Accountability Measures or Core Measure Sets. There are also topics under Performance Measurement. Write and type a 1 page summary report of your findings.

 Due 12/3/2014.


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FOR NYANYA (ONLY) – Week 5 DQ (HINT 209)

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