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For or against government funding of Planned Parenthood.


This essay is about why I am for or against planned parenthood, in this case I am against it. So I need a good rhetorical strategy essay. It should include three resources as well as the list of rhetorical vocabulary.

For this paper, you should select one of the topics and positions below, research it, and make a case for what would be the best rhetorical strategy for a persuasive argument toward a specific audience.

Part of your research and your analysis should include rhetoric “in action.” Provide examples of strategies that others have used. Discuss what has made them effective, ineffective, or even counterproductive. The paper should have at least one example of a speech or written argument for each side. Remember, you want to be practical about contemporary audiences. A Tweet, for example, counts as a written argument.

You should name the argument’s specific audience. Discuss that audience’s relevant demographics, values, and experiences. Be specific about the goal(s) that the rhetorical strategy seeks to achieve. The main paragraphs of the essay should explain the best strategies to use and how to use them, as well as what strategies to avoid and why.

Your paper should cite a bare minimum of three sources, which can include both sources like Tweets and more robust sources. You would do well to research the context: What is the audience’s historical background with the topic, the broader issues behind it, and the individuals and groups involved in the topic? You would also do well to research the rhetoric surrounding your topic: What strategies have individuals and groups used? Is the audience aware of the goals of the individuals and groups involved? Are the goals concrete or vague? Has some of the rhetoric alienated/insulted/reassured/challenged/praised/etc. the audience?

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