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Although the Final Project is an individual assignment, you will be sharing and discussing your project progress within Group Wikis. The Group Wiki offers a space for you and your group members to build an online learning community for the Final Project. The goal is to provide you with the opportunity to receive and offer peer support and feedback. In this first Group Wiki, you introduce yourself and share experiences in and resources for strategic planning.

Note: Each group member should contribute 2–3 brief paragraphs (3–5 sentences per paragraph) to each Group Wiki.

To complete:

In the Group Wiki, write by Day 5 a summary to address the following with your Final Project in mind:

  • Introduce yourself to your group members.
  • Describe your academic and/or professional experiences with strategic planning.
  • If you have strategic planning documents that you helped develop, share them with the group. If you do not, locate and share a strategic planning resource.
  • Provide a brief summary of the planning document or resource that you shared.

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For Prof. Moses 2

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