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For this final assignment, you will demonstrate the knowledge you have gained in



For this final assignment, you will demonstrate the knowledge you have gained in this class by reporting on the findings of the four exercises you have done throughout this class and then connecting those experiences to key themes from class. This final paper will be 5 to 6.5 pages (1200 to 1600 words) long and include citations to your textbook, at least one course reading, and two course videos.To begin, you need to complete your Week 5 Exercise (see instructions below). Be sure to use and cite Bevan in your response, for any choice you make. Once you have completed the Week 5 Exercise, read the instructions below to learn how to complete the entire notebook.Week 5 Exercise Instructions (choose one option):Option 1: Social supportThink of a time when someone provided you, or you provided someone, with social support.What type(s) of social support outlined in Bevan did you or they use?What type of verbal and nonverbal cues were used to provide this support.Was it appropriate for the situation and why?Option 2: Relationship equityReport on a time when you felt you were in an unbalanced relationship.Did you feel underbenefited or overbenefited?Based on what you have learned in Bevan, what are some specific verbal and nonverbal messages or behaviors you might use to restore equity in a close relationship?How would you use different messages or behaviors if you were underbenefited versus overbenefited?Option 3: Are you a chameleon?In chapter 11, Bevan reports on the value of being a chameleon, where you can change your communication style to suit the scenario. This requires being highly aware and mindful of yourself, others, and the choices you make. In this exercise, you will test this theory:Put yourself in a challenging position in your personal or professional life. If you are at work, speak up at a meeting or talk to your co-worker or boss about the topic. If you at home, have a difficult conversation with someone you care about.Before you have the conversation, think about the cultural norms for this exchange. What are they? Are you following or violating those norms?As you have the conversation, be mindful of where you are emotionally, and where they are. Report on those emotions and the role of empathy and emotional intelligence in the exchange.How did it go? Did you feel you were closer to being a “chameleon?”Instructions for completing the Communication Notebook:Describe your findings for the four exercises.For each exercise you will then complete step 2 for each by applying what you have learned during this class on the basic principles of effective communication, ideas of the self, or culture to your exercise results.For each exercise you must cite at least two resources to support you and one can be a video.For the final document, you must use and cite two course readings (and one must be Bevan) and two course videos.Note that you will be required to use and cite Bevan at least once for each exercise, but you should use them much more.Review the Final Paper Video OptionsDownload Final Paper Video Optionsdocument for a list of videos you can use.NOTE: Be sure to carefully review your work and the grading rubrics to ensure you have completed all required elements. Score yourself on each grading rubric and make adjustments to areas where you scored yourself low.The Communication Notebook final paperMust be 1,200 to 1,600 words of your own content (5 to 6.5 double-spaced pages) in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Style(Links to an external site.)resource.Must include a separate title page with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedFor further assistance with the formatting and the title page, refer to APA Formatting for Word 2013(Links to an external site.).Must utilize an academic voice. See the Academic Voice(Links to an external site.)resource for additional guidance.Must use and cite Bevan, at least one course reading, and two course video resources.Must document any information used from sources in APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA: Citing Within Your Paper(Links to an external site.)guide.Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center. See the APA: Formatting Your References List(Links to an external site.)resource in the Writing Center for specifications. Your reference list must have at least four references.Late Policy: Faculty will accept late submissions of written assignments up to 3 days after the due date. The maximum late penalty that may be applied to assignments submitted within 3 days of the deadline is 10%Need More Help?Click the “Resources”

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