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For this paper, you are to research and report on the following: Location: You m



For this paper, you are to research and report on the following:Location: You must include a map showing where your park isMain attractions: What is this park most famous for; what are its most valued resources?Human History: When and why was the park established? Research history of human occupancy in the area. Which native American tribes inhabited the area? Did they engage in ecosystem altering activities? What were they? Was the area farmed/ranched/logged? If so which species were cultivated/harvested? Are those species still present? Which entity currently manages the area? What are their goals/problems faced?Landscape/topographic features: Describe the topography or landforms, natural setting; of the park.Climate: Provide major climate setting, seasons, accessibility of parkBiology, Ecology, Natural History: *this section should be the emphasis of your paper*What is the basic ecology in your park? This should include:Which biome type best describes the area (see section 52.2 of your text, starting page 1168 in the hardback version)? Does the park include multiple biomes? If so, describe.Name and describe the major plant communitiesinclude names and descriptions.Choose 3 specific examples of plants and provide more biological detail (taxonomy, morphological description, ecological roles, etc)Name and describe the wildlife encountered in the park.This could include common animals, unique animals, or any threatened/endangered animals found within the park.Choose 5 specific examples and provide more biological detail (taxonomy, morphological description, behavior, ecology, etc)For your description of both plants and animals, address the following:Are these organisms present year round or do the migrate through the area?Which organisms once inhabited the area but no longer do? Why are they gone?Are there species that are considered invasive in the area? What impact do these invasive species play in the area? How were these species introduced?Are there any flora or fauna considered threatened/endangered in the area? If so, by which agency? (CA, US, other?) If so, what is the recovery plan for the organism?In total, be sure you’ve Described at least three plant species, two vertebrate species, and three invertebrate species you could expect to observe if you were to visit the area.Everything Else: Each of these parks has several unique features of interest. These could include, historic events, famous viewpoints, popular visitor activities, etc. You may also incorporate your personal relationship to the park – have you ever been there? do you hope to visit one day? why is the park of personal interest to you?Point value: This project is worth a total of 30 points. The paper, due May 24, is worth 25 points. You will also be asked to share a summary of your work on a discussion thread. This part will be worth 5 points and is due Friday May 20.Where to start your research:National Park Service: http://www.nps.gov/(Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)Go to “Parks and Recreation”, then Navigate to your assigned park, using “geographic search” and the map for California (That way, you know where it is). You can also find it alphabetically. Also be sure to visit the “Nature and Science”, “Interpretation and Education” and “History and Culture” links from the main nps page because they contain useful information for each park (Geology, Water, etc).California State Park: http://www.parks.ca.gov/(Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)Go to “Find a Park” or you can find it through a general search.Orange County Parks: http://www.ocparks.com/(Links to an external site.)(Links to an external site.)Go to “Parks and Trails” or use the general searchOther Resources:Sites linked to the page for your parkNational Geographic (try web or library for this)Library nature and travel guidesGoogle – only if you need itYour textbook – for some parksIVC Library (see more writing tips below)Written essay:Written essays are due May 24. Submissions are via Turninit on Canvas; no paper copies are needed!Organize your findings in a short paper – NOT an outline – using the sections in the assignment above.The paper should be typed, double-spaced pages, using12-point font, not including illustrations. The paper should be a minimum of 1500 words and should not exceed 2000 words.All information from sources should be properly cited using the provided guidelines.Writing Resources: http://academics.ivc.edu/writingcenter/pages/resources.aspxYour paper should include a minimum of 5 citations and at least 3 of those should be from primary sources.College-Level WritingThe research paper for this course (as for any course) should NOT contain:conversational passages such as “Have you ever wondered why xyz?”casual references to “you” (the second person), as in “When you look at xyz…”slang or other overly informal expressions;filler words that can be omitted without loss of meaning; for example: “There are several factors that affect xyz” should be “Several factors affect xyz.”Direct QuotesAvoid direct quotes wherever possible, which should be in almost all cases. Direct quotes show no thought, analysis, or other higher-level skills on your part, and do nothing to convey your understanding of the content. The more direct quotes one uses, the lower grade you will earn.FormattingDouble-space the entire manuscript, and leave 1-inch margins on all sides of the page.Use a 12-pt font, preferably Times New Roman (NOT Courier).Single-space your name, the date, and “Bio 80” in a header at the top of page 1. Follow this header with the title of your paper. Do not use a separate title page.“I NEED 5 CITATIONS AND AT LEAST 3 PRIMARY SOURCES. SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ARTICLES FROM:UCI LIBRARY, PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENTIFIC.”

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