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1.Many drugs have been used for medical purposes at one time or another. Pick two drugs that have been utilized in this capacity and explain the medical rationale behind their use. Conclude your answer with a description of why each drug was later banned from medical usage. 
2.What are the two basic ways of looking at drugs? Be sure to note both consistency and differences between medical families of drugs and legal schedules. 
3.Regarding drug legislation, contrast the harm-reduction approach and the zero tolerance approach toward drug abuse. Provide one example of each approach. 
4.In the video “Poverty in Chicago” (Module 2) heroin is depicted as a pronounced inner city problem. Present an explanation of this phenomenon using one of the sociological prospectives on drug use found in Chapter three of the Levinthal text. 
5.Drug abuse is typically associated with depressed inner city areas, but methamphetamine is very much a problem in rural areas. Discuss the reasons methamphetamine is more available in rural settings?

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