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Free Speech/First Amendment Toulmin Argument Essay


Go to the FIRE website at https://www.thefire.org/

Construct a Toulmin Argument Essay on free speech/first amendment. Your claim should be highly focused and specific as it addresses free speech. The “claim” you construct and the “grounds” for your argument must be derived from no less than 4 specific case FIRE has presented. Provide a variety of cases from which to make your selections. The 4 cases you select must have common denominators (demonstrate similarities). On the FIRE website you can click on “Newsdeck” “Press Release Archives” “First Amendment Library” “Publications” “Ronald K.L Collins First Amendment News” or FIRE Youtube channel to locate cases.

Underline Your Claim Statement, 6-7 pages in length (work cited page not included), Incorporate 4 distinct actual cases FIRE has presented, MLA Format, Spell out the name of the organization before you start to abbreviate FIRE (Foundation For Individual Rights For Education)

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