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French 1101 – Discussion Question


1. The country I picked was Haiti.

Some places on the list speak mainly French; some have it as an official
language but it is only spoken by the most educated people in the country. Some
are not independent countries but are territories of France. (I picked Haiti from the list)

You must write about your chosen country in one or two paragraphs.Include as many of the following as are appropriate for your country’s
unique situation:

Tell us the name of the country in French and in English.

Describe where it is located and which countries border it.

Describe the linguistic situation– how many other languages are spoken? How
widely is French spoken?

Was the country colonized by France or Belgium, or is there another reason
French is spoken there?

Include the population of the country.

Tell us something interesting or fun about the country, or if it is very
troubled, tell us something about the trouble.

Search YouTube or other sites and do your best to find a SHORT video that tells
us something substantive about the country. No strictly commercial tourism
videos, though some produced by the country’s tourism bureau may be good. It
can’t just show beaches and cabanas, but must show something cultural about the
place. It may be in English or in French with English subtitles. Attach the
video to your post.

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