General Psychology: Discussion.


General Psychology: Discussion.

General Psychology: Discussion.


Do you take vision for granted? Many of us do. Select an activity you can do safely with your eyes closed (e.g. play catch with something soft, fold laundry, put away dishes, water plants, walk the dog). You will likely need a person to help you. First, perform the activity with both eyes open. Cover one eye gently with a patch of some sort or close one (if you can do it!) and do the activity again. Then try it with both eyes closed. (PLEASE pick something you can be safe doing!  Check for sharp objects, don’t go in the street, etc.)  Then, answer the following questions:

  1. What differences did you note in your ability to judge the shape, distance, speed, and direction of the objects with which you were working?
  2. How did your attention change or focus differently in each situation?
  3. Which situation was the most difficult for you? Now, practice doing the activity several times under these most difficult circumstances. Did you adapt? How long did it take?
  4. Do you think there are some activities that are easier to perform completely blindfolded than with one eye patched? If so, what might be an example? If not, why not?

Citing Guidelines:

You shouldn’t need to cite this week, but if you use an outside source beyond your experience for some reason, use APA style.

Writing Guidelines: 

Delete the questions themselves as it makes it look nicer (and we all know what the questions were), but refer to the questions in your answers.  Also, number them!  For example:

1. I decided to try ____ as an activity.  I noted several differences in my judgments.  First, I noticed that ___.  Second, I noticed _____.  I also noticed that ___ was not different.

Construct proper paragraphs and use complete sentences.  It may be appropriate (and necessary) to use several paragraphs for each numbered response.  Also, edit your work.

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