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Genomic Engineering Assignment:Genetic therapies and trials


Genomic Engineering Assignment


Students will:

• Explore the current strategies for gene therapy and genome engineering related to treating a human disease.

I have attached a paper I did on diabetes. Thus, this paper should be about gene therapy and trials that can cure diabetes these days. Please refer to sources that are provided at the end of this paper and use “pubmed” as a internet website as well. This should be a one full paper single spaced.

Describe progress on genetic therapies for your disease of interest that you presented in week 5. This can include information about trials, and/or goals for such treatments in the future. Submit a one page summary of what you learn. Use figures and citations as appropriate. Be prepared to share and discuss the genetic techniques for gene therapy that you discover for your disease of interest.


Explore a variety of resources but one good place to see the different ideas being developed is to searching the patents that have been filed. Many patent and related information is not disclosed through standard publications.

United States Patents and Trademark Officehttp://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html


Company Websites. For example, https://www.sangamo.com/technology/presentations



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