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Glendale Community College Social Inequality in LA Research Paper



You will undertake a focused research paper on some aspect of social inequality in L.A. You may choose one of three approaches to this research paper:

1. Go further in depth in an area of social inequality that is a) addressed in this syllabus or b) the focus of your service-learning work.

2. Identify an area of social inequality that is not covered in this syllabus. Unfortunately, there are many, including but not limited to access and outcome disparities related to education, health, environmental issues, recreation, food, etc.

3. You may also choose to focus on the social inequality issues facing a particular neighborhood or specific identity-based community.

How to structure your paper:

  • Position your research question within the broader set of social inequality issues that we have been exploring in the course material. Cite specific course materials.
  • Present your research question so that it provides you an opportunity to use your sociological imagination to go deeper into some aspect of social inequality in Los Angeles.
  • Organize the balance of your paper as an answer to your research question, using your sources to take your reader deeper into the issues.
  • Option: You may conclude your paper with questions for additional research.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to ground your research paper in social inequality-related course readings. Then you will need to use (and cite, using APA citation style) additional academic research sources. As appropriate, you may add journalistic sources for information reporting on current conditions.

Length: 5-7 pages, double-spaced.

Below I attached my research proposal that I did a week ago and now its the same thing but follow these rules that are up there and do it 5-7 pages long double spaced.

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