Granada High Challenging Beliefs Essay

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  1. Introduction
    Why should I care about validity and correlation coefficients? Can’t I just use whatever selection tool I like best?Unit Learning Outcomes

    • Describe various types of measurement. (1, 2, & 3)
    • Analyze the Importance of Correlation Coefficients and Scores (1, 2, & 3)
    • Directions
      Answer BOTH of the discussion questions, and respond to at least 2 peers. Include at least 2 outside sources in your postings for full credit.downloadDiscussion Questions
    1. Annika wants to implement a customer service test for her store. You compared two and found the following validity correlation coefficients: Test 1=.15, Test 2=.75. Annika prefers Test 1, Why do you recommend Test 2 over Test 1?
    2. After implementing the customer service test, you found it results in disparate impact in gender. When would it be acceptable to use a measure that predicts job success, but that results in adverse impact?

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Granada High Challenging Beliefs Essay

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