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Grand Canyon University Law Strategic Plan Report


Assessment Description

Create a 5-year strategic plan focused on addressing the needs of the community from law enforcement. This needs to be written as a report, not an essay.

In 1,500-2,000 words, include the following in your plan:

  1. State the goal and vision.
  2. List and describe three specific objectives (e.g., working with groups within the community or how specific crimes will be reduced).
  3. Obtainable timetable showing how objectives will be accomplished within 5 years, with 6-month checkpoints, showing how each will progress.
  4. All stakeholders’ roles should be defined with a specific set of tasks so that everyone knows their role in accomplishing the goals.
  5. Create a budget for the 5-year plan, and identify what resources will be necessary to accomplish the plan, and where the resources will come from.

To reiterate, the plan must include the subheadings of Vision, Goals, Objectives, Timetable, Assigned Duties, Budget, Citations. You may want to include additional subheadings in your plan to meet the needs of your plan, but these subheadings must be included at a minimum.

Your recommendations need to be justified with data. Be sure to cite your sources. Use only sources found at the GCU Library ( log-in would be provided), government websites, or those provided in Class Resources. You should cite at least three to five sources.

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