Grossmont College Cognitive Ability and Physical Challenges Case Study

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Write 3-4 pages the Case Study just for the old person and follow all the steps carefully

This assignment allows you to practice preparing to provide direct service.

Your document must be formatted in APA style, using Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced with a Title Page and a References Page

Choose the oldest person you know, as your subjects for this assignment. Be sure to include the following key parts for case study: psychosocial challenge, turning points, trajectories, human capital, risks and protective factors.

Use your text to summarize major themes and psychosocial challenges (Hutchison, E. D. (2019). Dimensions of Human Behavior-The Changing Life Course. (Sixth Edition) Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.)

A Case Study Template

A social work case study report can be divided into several key parts. These will vary from case to case, but will be likely to include most of the following elements:

A brief summary of the case

Presenting issues

The reasons for choosing this person. (In social service agencies this person is assigned to your caseload).

Background information

Individual circumstances, accommodation, income, social and economic factors, family and supports, biological, behavioral, cognitive assessment.


Your assessment of the presenting problems and prioritization of the key risks and needs that have to be addressed. Also include, the possible strengths and assets and protective factors which can be drawn on, as well as other services that might be involved.

Treatment Plan

A brief outline of your intended work. What you intend to do. Be sure that the treatment plan aligns with client goals.


What treatment/services would you provide? How would you measure outcomes?


Because this is case study practice, this section should be written in language that captures what you WOULD do. This section concisely summarizes the work the social worker did, assessing what went well, what went less well, and the next actions or piece of work which may be required.

NASW Standards

Apply these three standards to each case study. How would you use them to provide the best services?

The case as seen from the view of the recipients of your services (Micro)

The case as seen from the view of other practitioners, agencies, and the community (Mezzo)

Law and policy relevant to the case (Macro)

An important note : Use these sources only . Site the no of para, and no of page at the end of the paragraph. , outside sources are not allowed

Hutchison, E. D. (n.d.). Dimensions of Human Behavior. Sixth Edition. Retrieved from

Home. Master of Social Work. (n.d.).

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Grossmont College Cognitive Ability and Physical Challenges Case Study

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