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Grossmont College Uniform Composition Particles Questions


Make up a solution made of water as the solvent and define what your solute would be (e.g., sugar, Na+ ions, O2, etc.). Tell me which is more abundant, the solvent, or your solute.

Then I want you define a semi-permeable membrane. This can be either a biological setting or an experimental one.

  1. I want you to image the solute can be found on either side of the membrane, but is in a higher concentration on one side of the semi-permeable membrane. Depending on the solute and the semi-permeable membrane you chose, can your solute diffuse to the other side of the membrane?
  2. Now, assume you have a semi-permeable membrane that your solute cannot directly diffuse through. Instead you have a trans-membrane protein that acts as a channel to facilitate the diffusion of your solute. Where would your solute travel to (the side with a higher or lower concentration)? Will there ever be no movement of the solute?
  3. Finally, image you want to transport the solute against its gradient. Describe what this means and how a cell might accomplish this. Describe what kind of energy source might be required.

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