Group work


Base on the documents finish the last two steps.

  • A full prototype of your solution in Adobe XD
  • A content plan to promote your solution using a format of your choice to help sell the content plan. As Heiko Schomberg would say “Freedom within the frame” in terms of deck length or whether or not it is a deck.
  • Components of your final assignment

  • Reiterate your target and the issue your digital solution solves
  • A working prototype (Adobe XD) and a description of the scenarios that you’ve prototyped (the description could be written or (better) a screen capture video that walks me through the prototype
  • A content plan showing:
  • o The topics or subject matter of content you would create to support the app and how they map to the appropriate customer journey stage and (if not obvious) rationales for the topics you picked.

    o 3 examples of content pieces mocked up or fully created

    o 1 example of big rock content mocked up or fully created

    you only needs to finish the last two steps

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