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Has anybody been to a Museum in Dallas Texas?


Dear Class,

This is an excellent opportunity to explore History right in your own backyard! If you are not Dallas based do not worry-you may visit an institution outside of the Dallas area. I would prefer you find American artifacts that are post-Civil War to fit our course description. I have had very positive feedback from former students about this assignment, as many would not have attended local museums on their own if not prompted with an assignment. Some options are to visit the Dallas Museum of Art http://www.dma.org/visit (free), the African American Museum http://www.aamdallas.org/#!/page_admission (I believe is free), The Dallas Holocaust Museum http://www.dallasholocaustmuseum.org (they should only charge students $4)-they have very interesting American History artifacts at the Dallas Holocaust Museum too, I believe the DMA and the African American Museum are both closed on Mondays so please check first).

Do not rush your visit; take your time to find interesting artifacts that have to do with our study of American history. I attached the Artifact Analysis Worksheet and the critique/evaluation you are accountable for. See instructions below…Choose four artifacts that really interest you, any paintings, photographs, tools, furniture, letters, posters, newspapers, etc.

Please construct a 1-2 page reflection about your museum experience. Times New Roman- double spaced, 12 inch font, 1”margins. Please email me the reflection and four charts (copy-paste them an extra three times) in one document June 4, 2015

Ask yourself the following questions in your reflection piece…Did the museum impress you? Why or Why not? Which exhibition did you really like? How did your museum experience enhance your understanding of American history? Was the museum laid out well in design, was it visitor friendly? How would you have improved the design of the exhibition? What artifacts would you have included if you were a curator?

Artifact Analysis Worksheet – fill this out 4 times for each artifact

Describe the material from which it was made: paint, bone, pottery, metal, wood, stone, leather, glass, paper, cardboard, cotton, plastic, other material.

Describe how it looks and feels: shape, color, texture, size, weight, movable parts, anything printed, stamped or written on it.

A.What might it have been used for?

B.Who might have used it?

C.Where might it have been used?

D.When might it have been used?


A.What does it tell us about technology of the time in which it was made and used?

B.What does it tell us about the life and times of the people who made it and used it?

C. Can you name a similar item today?

D.How does this artifact relate to our study of American History

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