HEALTH 11 Los Angeles Pierce College Principles of Healthy Living Discussion

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Before completing this discussion board, direct your browser to the following site: National Institute on Drug Abuse – Commonly Abused Drugs Chart (Links to an external site.).

Peruse through several of the listed drugs and after careful consideration, choose one to comment on here. You may also consider some trends that may not be mentioned (i.e. Pill/Skittles/Pharming/Etc. Parties; Tide Pod Ingestion, bleach, isopropyl alcholo/acetone sniffing, etc.). Keep in mind that many prescription drug stimulants (such as Adderall & Ritalin, commonly prescribed for ADD/ADHD are commonly abused among college students and referred to as “Smart Pills,” “Study Buddies,” “Beanies,” and more. The differences between these drugs and meth/crystal meth is very small, so abuse and addiction is just as common as other illicit drugs. Other trends including mixing illicit and/or prescription drugs (i.e. cocaine and fentanyl or heroine and crack cocaine).

After making your selection, describe some of the side effects (both short and long term) to include the following: physical, mental/emotional, educational, occupational, financial, social, family, and societal. Choose at least two of these factors to comment on. Finally, what can you do to recognize and avoid the use/abuse of both illicit, recreational, and prescription drugs (including alcohol)?

-Cite only from the website

-250 words max

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HEALTH 11 Los Angeles Pierce College Principles of Healthy Living Discussion

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