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The purpose of this blog is to build a healthcare community among us; identify for each other key aspects of health care “current events” that we feel are important and worthy of discussion in this type of class; and provide one another with our expert analysis of a given trend or development in health care, including things we are learning about in this class. Postings and articles need to be relevant to the module we are in, or one we have already covered. You can: (a) post an article link to your blog post, introducing us to a reading you think is interesting, then briefly make a point about something in that article or that article’s major theme, related to readings in current or prior modules, to help educate us on its relevance; or (b) you can take something we are discussing in class for a given module and analyze it giving some thoughtful insights around its relevance. These posts do not have to be very long (100-200 words). Those responding to a student’s post can simply give a sentence or two assessing what the original student post made them think about more (but please make it more than “I liked your post!”). You must always try and bring in an idea from the current or a past module when doing your original blog post.

Read chapter 10 and 11 before doing this assignment

I will send you the example on how to do this and then you can reply to it as the requirements above.

The article you find should be related to chapter 10 and 11 in the textbook that I will send you later.

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